English Guide: How to make visual poetry

What do rhetorical figures mean? Rhetorical figures are visual language elements which we apply in collage to create a different meaning than expected in order to transmit sensations and emotions to the viewers.

In this purchase you will find:

  • PDF in high resolution with examples of each of the rhetorical figures used in collage.
  • Bonus: folder with PNG and JPG material for you to practice (copyright free material).





This is a working guide to develop creativity.

Work without a meaning is not art. When we endow images with our personality we are creating unique view that transcend beyond cutting and pasting.

In collage workshop I teach my students to create true visual poetry and now I want to challenge you to work on your own inner creativity by applying rhetorical figures in your  collages. I give you this guide as a tool to help you start.

If you want to learn something new or improve your skills – this is  for you!!!!

Table of contents:

  • The Rhetorical Figures
  • The replacement figures
  • The figures of comparison
  • The figures of adjunction
  • The erased figures
  • Exercise: creating visual poetry


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19-page illustrated PDF.  

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